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The talent management of enterprises can be seen from the World Cup
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The World Cup, which lasted nearly a month,

Finally, on July 15, the series finale came to an end.

There is a lot of management wisdom in the game, too

Through the observation and thinking of the World Cup matches and teams,

You actually manage a business

Managing a team is a lot like managing a team:


The World Cup is about business management

Job responsibilities and division of labor is a very important management deployment

In football, those with good assists are likely to be less defensive. Brave and willing, it is likely to rough skills, or not good at playing with the brain; A good head coach is one who knows people and USES them well. The employment must display its special skill, avoids its insufficiency.

A business unit is not so? There is a person in every position, and the job requirement of this position is role responsibility. The most important thing is to let every employee give full play to his/her strengths, perfectly match the work progress of the enterprise, and grow together with the company.

The depth of bench players is the depth of enterprise talent reserve

Don't underestimate the depth of the bench, which is often the key to winning when two teams are facing off.

In enterprise management, if there is not a large number of excellent talent reserve, there is often a fault in talent replacement and optimization, so substitute players are often the key accumulation. The establishment of a talent reserve mechanism is not only to prepare substitutes for key positions, but also to meet the urgent demand for talents for the rapid development of enterprises.


How to train reserve talents?

Guangdongtuanyi group takes two ways to acquire outstanding talents, one is to strictly select and introduce them, the other is to cultivate them through scientific training. One is to identify the key competencies required for the job. Assess the existing ability and future development potential of the reserve staff in this field, and determine each person's career development path according to their characteristics, and tailor suitable training plan for them. The specific steps are as follows:


Develop a personal development profile

The enterprise shall establish a detailed personal development file for each reserve personnel, so as to clearly and intuitively grasp the situation of reserve personnel, and make supplement or adjustment to reserve personnel at any time. Besides covering the basic elements such as gender, age and educational background, the content of archives should also include the personality characteristics, professional expertise and deficiencies, and the expected development direction, etc.


Tailor training programs

Enterprises can classify reserve personnel according to their quality and ability characteristics, performance gap and characteristics of the positions to be hired, and first work out universal and general training plans for promotion, such as training on sales skills and negotiation skills of marketing personnel. Then according to the specific situation of the reserve personnel tailored targeted promotion training plan, and designated person for planned counseling.



In the process of training, enterprises should strengthen the assessment and evaluation of reserve personnel. If the improvement effect of reserve personnel is not ideal, relevant personnel should be called in time to modify and adjust the training program. If the promotion effect of individual personnel is not obvious, we should strengthen the targeted training for individual personnel. If it is found that the personnel cannot be greatly improved due to the limitations of their own conditions after the assessment, we should timely adjust the exit, so as to optimize the overall quality of reserve personnel.


After years of efforts to develop, guangdongtuanyi group has developed into a real estate development, hotel, film and television production, professional market, property management and other collectivized development.

As an excellent platform for development, guangdongtuanyi group is committed to providing a harmonious and creative working environment for professionals who love real estate development and aspire to make achievements, advocating equal and simple interpersonal relationships, and enabling talents to have full development opportunities and fully display their talents in a fair environment.